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How I made my Github profile stand out !

GitHub is a code hosting platform for version control and collaboration. It lets you and others work together on projects from anywhere.
For the past decade, Github has been heavily used for open-source collaborations, developer communities and code inspiration.

Here’s a Sample Github profile
Image description

Why you need to build an Exceptional Github Profile ?

There are three major reasons to build an exceptional Github profile -:

  • It works as a Resumé
  • It shows your Knowledge and Skills to Recruiters
  • It helps in connecting with other Developers

Choose a Github profile Readme Generator.

There are several readme generators online like
but personally i prefer because README file generated using it is way more attractive than others i mentioned.

1. Enter your Github Username.

Image description

2. Fill up your About section.

Image description

3. Select from 43 different Themes and customise your Github stats.

Image description

4. Add Usernames for your Socials.

Image description

5. Select Skills and Technologies you use often.

Image description

Image description

Image description

6. Add Usernames for Donations.

Image description

I don’t take any donations so i am gonna leave it empty but i suggest you to Donate to Vishwa Gaurav, the creator of this awesome website.

7. Add Additional details to make your profile more Attractive.

Image description

  • Add Github Trophies, i didn’t add them because mine aren’t very pleasing to view 🥲
  • Add Visitor Count
  • Add Random Dev Quotes and Random Memes, This can potentially show that you are a hilarious person to be around and work with.

8. Now go ahead and Copy Code.

9. Create new Github Repository.

Image description

  • Name this repository same as your Github username
  • Make sure to keep it public and don’t forget to click on checkbox for “Add a README file”

10. Click on Edit README.

Image description

11. Edit, Customise & Preview your

Image description

12. Commit changes with a commit message.

Image description

Congratulations!! 🎉🎉
Now you have your very own Exceptional Github Profile
I Hope You Enjoyed the Process 😄

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Top comments (5)

vulcanwm profile image

Woah this website is nice!

jonrandy profile image
Jon Randy 🎖️

The projects and activity on your GitHub account are infinitely more important than a sparkly profile

developinggamer profile image
Armaan Jain

Surely it is but building a sparkly profile definitely adds a charm and makes a good first impression

rendick profile image

Thanks. I will try this way soon

aashimajain18 profile image

it's so cool ! thanks for sharing!