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Tharun Shiv
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What defines a good workplace/job? Here's what I think

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Here is what I think a good workplace is,

  1. Teammates are supportive, transparent, give the credits you deserve and don't steal them
  2. You are given opportunity to explore and learn
  3. You are not blamed time and again for the mistakes you made
  4. You are allowed to take part, however small or huge in any project of your team
  5. Your time & health are valued
  6. A good compensation
  7. Your opinions are valued if it deserves them

What do you think makes a good workplace?

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I agree with your points. What's also very important for me personally: a remote-first and asynchronous culture.

A great article about how Gumroad does things:

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Tharun Shiv Author

Ok, sorry. I glaced the article and I have the below points

  1. Will not work for most of the public facing live companies
  2. There will be a decrease in accountability
  3. The progress will be slower than what is achieved in the general work routine
  4. Therefore, the compensation that the employee receives will also be less or eventually it will reduce since I think the company might make lesser profits

I might be inexperienced in the above way of work, but I certainly wouldn't follow it.