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Hey all!
The Web.dev virtual conference is going to be conducted for 3 days. June 30, July 1st, July 2nd. It is packed with a lot of content just like any other Google Conference. You will also be able to ask questions in the comments during the live.

Where do I watch the conference?

You will be able to watch the conference live for free on YouTube itself. Below, they have given the topics that amazing people from Google will be talking on. They not only include web.dev legends like Pete LePage, Jake Archibald, Paul Lewis, But also great topics like AMP, SEO, PWA, Web Payments, Converting PWA into an android app and more!

Day 1 - June 30th:

Dion Almaer
Welcome to Day One
On day 1, we kick things off by sharing why we are coming together as a community, including a guest speaker from CA.gov. We'll then cover some of the key updates made to the platform around performance, security and privacy, as well as a look at build tools and rich content.

Elizabeth Sweeny
What's New in Speed Tooling
This talk will cover where to measure your Core Web Vitals in the lab and in the field, as well as how to leverage the newest features and products to build and maintain exceptionally fast experiences for all of your users.

Addy Osmani
Optimize for Core Web Vitals
In this hands-on talk, we'll cover tips & tricks for optimizing your user-experience to meet the Core Web Vitals. We'll use tools like Lighthouse & DevTools, show you code snippets for fixes and highlight how you too can get fast and stay fast.

Rick Viscomi
Mastering the Chrome UX Report on BigQuery
Learn how to query the Chrome UX Report using our new summary datasets and shortcut functions, so you can extract insights quickly and cheaply like a pro.

Houssein Djirdeh
How to Analyze Your JavaScript Bundles
Learn how to analyze your bundled JavaScript code and to spot common issues that can easily bloat up your application size.

Paul Lewis, Philip Walton
Core Web Vitals in the DevTools Timeline
In this talk we'll cover what the Core Web Vitals are, where they came from, and how you can use Chrome's DevTools to explore your site or app's vitals values.

Naina Raisinghani, Sebastian Benz
AMP at Your Service
Naina and Sebastian discuss how AMP makes web development less painful and why it's time to move away from paired AMP.

Crystal Lambert, Ben Morss
Workerized JavaScript Made Easy
In this talk we chat about how to use to create your very own Workerized JS browser interactions!

Martin Splitt
Debugging JavaScript SEO issues
Diagnosing common JavaScript SEO issues and helpful steps to debug them!

Martin Splitt
Implementing Structured Data with JavaScript
In this session we walk through typical approaches to add structured data to your pages, both in popular frameworks as well as vanilla JavaScript.

Day 2 - July 1st:

Dion Almaer
Day Two Opening Note
On day 2, we travel virtually to an EMEA friendly timezone and welcome all developers who can join us real time. We'll dive into the top developer pain points and how we are looking to address them.

Paul Lewis
What's New in DevTools
Let's take a look at the latest and greatest features in Chrome's DevTools!

Shu-yu Guo, Leszek Swirski
What's New in V8/JavaScript
Shu and Leszek take a tour of some of the new features and improvements that have landed in JavaScript and V8.

Mathias Bynens
What's New in Puppeteer
This session gives an overview of recent changes in Puppeteer, including new features, architectural changes, and a sneak peek of what’s coming next.

André Cipriani Bandarra
Shipping a PWA as an Android app
In this session you will learn about Bubblewrap, a new tool that developers can use to transform their PWAs into an Android application, without having to write native code or learn native tooling.

Demian Renzulli
How to Define your Install Strategy
Learn best practices for combining different installation offerings to increase installation rates and avoid platform competition and cannibalization.

Thomas Steiner
Progressively Enhancing Like It's 2003
In this talk, we will show how new and upcoming browser capabilities can progressively enhance an application so that it remains useful on all modern browsers, but delivers an advanced experience on browsers that support capabilities like native file system access, system clipboard access, contacts retrieval, periodic background sync, screen wake lock, sharing features, and many more.

Demian Renzulli
Advanced PWA Patterns
Learn advanced PWA recipes that combine several modern web APIs, and how companies are using them to create app-like experiences on their sites.

PJ Mclachlan, André Cipriani Bandarra
Giving Your PWA Superpowers🦹‍♀️
In this session we’ll introduce new features for installed PWAs, teach approaches for building better PWAs, and answer frequent developer questions about the design and future of PWAs.

PJ Mclachlan
Quieter Notifications Permissions
This year we’ve made major changes in Chrome to reduce abuse of notifications and create a safer, better web browsing experience for Chrome users. This session will review the recent changes, demo techniques for improving your website’s use of notifications and discuss the future of notifications on the web.

Pete LePage
Storage for the Web
Let's dive into web storage to learn about the best way to store data in the browser, how much you can safely store, how to check your quota, how browser eviction works, how you can start Chrome with limited storage to test quota exceeded errors, and more.

Thomas Nattestad
Zoom on Web:
Getting Connected with Advanced Web Technology
Now more than ever, having a dependable and performant video chat connection to your friends and family is critical. The Chrome team has been collaborating with Zoom over the past few months to explore advanced new APIs that will allow for a dramatically improved web experience.

Day 3 - July 2nd:

Dion Almaer
Day Three Opening Note
Day 3 will have us move to the Asia and Australia continents where we we will get insights from Evan You, the founder of Vue.js, share the latest on PWA and new capabilities that allow you to build rich web applications, and show how you can understand your applications deeply through the latest updates to Lighthouse.

Mariko Kosaka
Building Better in the World of Build Tools
It's surprisingly difficult to choose and configure build tools in a way that produces consistent and good results. We're often forced to make tradeoff decisions in our tooling, which can stand in the way of delivering the best possible applications on the web. Come find out how we defined what's the best tool for a job and how we investigated and tested each one.

Una Kravets
10 Modern Layouts in 1 Line of CSS
In this dynamic talk, Una will go over the power of modern CSS layout techniques by highlighting a few key terms and how much detail can be described in a single line of code.

Jason Miller, Jake Archibald
Writing Build Plugins
Knowing how to write plugins gives you insight into how the build tool works, and makes it easier to debug the rest of your build. In this session we'll develop the same plugin for both Rollup and webpack, showing the difference between the two systems.

Jake Archibald, Surma
Image Compression Deep-dive
There are some rough rules for which image format you should use in a given situation, but this session will dive into why, and explore some of the lesser-known capabilities of popular image formats.

Stephen Fluin
How to Stay Fast and Fresh with Angular
Watch a live coding demo walking through the top principles and tools you can use to make your applications shine when it comes to startup performance and bundle size.

Maud Nalpas, Sam Dutton
Security and Privacy for the Open Web
What's the role of the browser in enabling security and privacy by default on the open web? How are browsers changing to balance trade-offs and mitigate risk? How can you get involved?

Rowan Merewood
Cookie Recipes - SameSite and Beyond
Learn about the different cookie attributes and naming conventions that will help you tailor your cookies for the right situation.

Eiji Kitamura
Prevent Info Leaks and Enable Powerful Features: COOP and COEP
Cross-Origin Embedder Policy (COEP) and Cross-Origin Opener Policy (COOP) isolate your origin and enable powerful features. This session helps you understand how it works and why this is important.

Sam Dutton
Find and Fix Problems with Chrome DevTools Issues Tab
The Chrome DevTools Issues Panel provides a structured, actionable approach to deprecations and other warnings from the browser. Learn how to use the Issues Panel to find and fix problems with your website.

Maud Nalpas, Rowan Merewood
Just the Data you Need
User-Agent Client Hints provide a privacy focused approach for sites to request information about the browser that's viewing them. Moving forward from the legacy of the User-Agent string is a challenge, so now is the time to experiment and give feedback.

Sam Dutton
Form Best Practice
Use built-in, cross-platform browser features to create signin forms that are secure, accessible and easy to use.

Eiji Kitamura
What's New in Web Payments
This session demystifies some of the misconceptions developers may have around Web Payments and provides an update on the subject.

Link to the web.dev page:

https://web.dev/live/ for more details on the Time for your timezone.

You can watch the YouTube Videos here if you want to rewatch or missed the live session.

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