Building my personal website while I was at University.

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My Final Project!

The motivation for me creating a personal website is to show to potential employees and find a graduate job in my area. I wanted a platform to showcase some of my finest work that I have made throughout university. I went for the NextJS/Now approach for a couple of reasons.

  • It has pre-rendering capabilities.
  • React was my strongest front-end framework.
  • NextJS have support for most headless CMS'.

My new website!

Tech Stack

  • NextJS
  • Prismic CMS
  • React JS
  • Now server

Some features that I've implemented on my website:

  • Dark/Light mode using React Hooks
  • Styled Components to implement consistent styling and CSS in JSX.
  • CSS Animations for the Gradient text, hover and responsive changes.
  • Headless CMS integration with Prismic to host my images and blog posts.
  • Font-pairing with Google fonts.
  • Mobile-first design.
  • Basic SEO.
  • Meets basic accessibility criteria.

Just take a look at the latest Lighthouse report:
Lighthouse Report on rosalie.dev

I'm still working on this now, but I'm pretty happy with what's on there. There's still some areas of improvement on my website:


Need to add options for alternative text, aria-labelling and a better colour scheme that is suitable for colour blind viewers.


I need to change the sizes of images and find a way to compress the sizes so that it can be loaded quicker on both mobile and desktop.


Although I'm not too keen on fixing SEO because this is a portfolio page, I'd like to learn more about Google Tag Manager and use tools to view metrics. I am trying to not rely on Lighthouse for the scores, but I believe there is a lot of learning to be done in this area (A+B Testing, marketing, etc).

Write more blogs!

I've been trying to find the motivation to write more, but I've been working a lot so when I do find the time and topic, I'll be writing more.

I'm open to suggestions to improve my website so please, let me know in the comments!

Demo Link


Link to Code


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Thank you for checking it out!


Not a fan of dark theme, but the home page looks great. :)
The gradient really shins on dark mode.


Yeah I'm aware of the dark mode not being everyones cup of tea, thank you for taking a look :)