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VS code extensions, the search for a cloud-native database, useful iOS developer interview questions and more.

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Dev Resources

The search for a cloud-native database. As we move to the cloud, how do we evolve our data storage approach? Do we need a cloud-native database? What would it even mean for a database to be cloud-native? Let’s take a look at these questions. [DEVELOPERECONOMICS]

50 VS code extensions that will make you a better developer. Here is the curated list of the most useful extensions that help developers to increase their productivity and make them a better developer. [JAVASCRIPT.PLAINENGLISH]

Why programmers don’t write documentation. Kislay believes that there are two main reasons software engineers don’t write documentation. Tools play their part but they are a hugely distant third. [KISLAYVERMA]

iOS 14.5 brings the new Safari 14.1 to PWAs and the Web Platform. Maximiliano Firtman looks at what's new, what's missing, new challenges and new capabilities for iPhone and iPad. [FIRTDEV]

An elegant Angular architecture. Good architecture can save us from heavy refactoring when the applications become large and complicated, as we all know that product owners will never stop adding new features in the backlogs :). Therefore, Zhichuan JIN shares her elegant Angular (V2+) architecture to help new developers avoid detours. [MEDIUM]

Typetester. A free tool to test, compare, select and design with over 2800 web fonts from Adobe Edge, Adobe Typekit and Google Fonts. Export your designs as fully responsive HTML and CSS snippets. [TYPETESTER]

67 useful iOS developer interview questions. Are you the interviewer or the interviewee? It’s good to know answers for these answers either way. [MEDIUM]

A guide to undoing mistakes with Git. No matter how experienced you are, mistakes are an inevitable part of software development. But we can learn to repair them! And this is what we’ll be looking at in this two-part series: how to undo mistakes using Git. [SMASHING.MAGAZINE]

A gallery of App Tracking Transparency (ATT) prompts. A useful site showing how other developers are handling copy in ATT prompts. [ATTPROMPTS]

Best Practices for API Testing. In this whitepaper, RapidAPI examine some of the best practices for testing APIs. [RAPIDAPI]

Beautify your GitHub! If you have ever visited someones GitHub and noticed that they have some fancy pictures, cool emojis, and stats on their homepage you may have wondered how to make a page like that on your own. If this sounds like you, keep reading, because Philip Haines tells you exactly how to make your GitHub README sparkle! [DEVTO]

Women in tech with INCO. [EVENT] 14 May, 19.00 Athens time. A one hour discussion with INCO team to help women who are interested in joining tech career through a fully-funded scholarship by Google. . Whilst this event is for Greek participants, Devs Alliance welcome all participants to future events.

HPE Munch & Learn #5 - Data Science Unplugged Part 2. [EVENT] May 19, 2021 05:00 PM in Paris. Today, the pressure to extract value from data through the application of Data Science is intense. Yet many of us, even those who are technical specialists in this field, lack the depth of understanding required to successfully implement the art, processes, and business applications of Data Science. In this series of Data Science 101 primers, HPE hope to clear up much of the confusion and help you understand how data is transformed into information, knowledge and wisdom to create meaningful business value.

Industry News

Vulnerable Dell driver puts hundreds of millions of systems at risk. A driver that’s been pushed for the past 12 years to Dell computer devices for consumers and enterprises contains multiple vulnerabilities that could lead to increased privileges on the system. It is estimated that hundreds of millions of Dell computers, from desktops and laptops to tablets, received the vulnerable driver through BIOS updates. [BLEEPINGCOMPUTER]

Rust programming language: We want to take it into the mainstream, says Facebook. "We are joining the Rust Foundation to help contribute to, improve and grow this language that has become so valuable to us and developers around the world. We look forward to participating with the other foundation members and the Rust community to make Rust a mainstream language of choice for systems programming and beyond." [ZDNET]

Commodore 64 emulator brings retro gaming to Oculus Quest. Available now on the Oculus Quest via SideQuest, Real Commodore 64 – Virtually brings the original Commodore 64 experience to VR, allowing Quest and Quest 2 players the chance to explore a massive catalogue of retro PC games. [VRSCOUT]

Peloton’s leaky API let anyone grab riders’ private account data. Jan Masters, a security researcher at Pen Test Partners, found he could make unauthenticated requests to Peloton’s API for user account data without it checking to make sure the person was allowed to request it. But the exposed API let him — and anyone else on the internet — access a Peloton user’s age, gender, city, weight, workout statistics and, if it was the user’s birthday, details that are hidden when users’ profile pages are set to private. [TECHCRUNCH]

Nintendo announces Game Builder Garage, an easy way to make your own games. Somewhat like the PS4’s Dreams, Game Builder Garage lets you create games without having to write any code. Instead, it uses visual programming, allowing you to connect and interact with creatures calls ‘Nodons’ — a play on a ‘node‘ in the programming sense, one assumes. [THENEXTWEB]

JetBrains previews Jetpack Compose for Web. JetBrains is offering its first technology preview of Jetpack Compose for the Web, which brings Google’s Kotlin toolkit for building reactive user interfaces to the web. Introduced on May 3, Jetpack Compose for Web works on top of Kotlin Multiplatform, enabling developers to build an application for Android, the desktop, or web using Jetpack Compose as the UI framework, all within the same project. [INFOWORLD]

Kotlin 1.5.0 – the first big release of 2021. This release delivers stable language features such as JVM records, sealed interfaces, inline classes, and includes the new default JVM IR compiler which more than 25,000 developers have already tried in IntelliJ IDEA. [JETBRAINS]

Python 3.8.10, 3.9.5, and 3.10.0b1 are now available. Python 3.10 is still in development. 3.10.0b1 is the first of four planned beta release previews. Beta release previews are intended to give the wider community the opportunity to test new features and bug fixes and to prepare their projects to support the new feature release. It's strongly encouraged that maintainers of third-party Python projects to test with 3.10 during the beta phase and report issues found to the Python bug tracker as soon as possible. [PYTHON.INSIDER]

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