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Stop Sharing your Website Directly on Social Media!

Social traffic really brings low quality traffic in your site, so you really want your site to gain high-quality traffic to increase SEO or traffic-marking of your site. Today we gonna solve the issue of low-quality traffic, let's start!

Why shouldn't you directly share your website/webapp in social media?

Here's why? Facebook and other social media platforms bring in very low-quality traffic as far as AdSense and traffic-marking is concerned and it's likely any ad clicks will be written off as invalid. Even worse, you could face ads being limited or even have your account disabled.

How you can protect your site from Low-Quality Traffic?

Here's a quick way to solve it? To Avoid Low-Quality Traffic; Protect your URL to the Xoomato URL guard (, sign in, protect your URL and share the social-sharable link you got from the dashboard.

  1. Optimize your site for Google or Bing search, and try to gain as much search traffic as you can.

  2. Stop Clicking on Your Own Ads, if you’re doing so.

  3. To Avoid Invalid Social Traffic; Go to the Xoomato URL guard, sign it, and get your social-sharable link from the dashboard.

  4. Do not request your audience to click on your own ads.

  5. Purge all the Forbidden Content (Adult content, Alc0hol, Copyrights, Gambling and games, Healthcare and medicines, Political content, Financial services and Trademarks)

  6. Don’t try to gain paid traffic, that’s not good for the health of your traffic-marking or Google Adsense.

Thanks for being with me!

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