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Bishwas Bhandari
Bishwas Bhandari

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Is Svelte the "perfectest" framework for solo/indie web developers?

First, I wanna apologize for using the word "perfectest", I know it's "most perfect". So, going to the main point. I have been developing web apps independently for 3 three years, and have developed web apps using only Django, only Rails, only NextJs, Django with Next Js and Django with SvelteKit.
So, today I am gonna discuss about my own personal experience with SvelteKit.

Honestly, thesedays when I get a new web app idea, I instantly think of using SveleKit, why you ask? Because of it's simplicity, speed and very-very less overly complexified stuff.

Svelte is smooth, and it's user's are growing daily, because of it's DX [Developer Experiece].

The very main thing that forces me to use Svelte/Kit is it's developer experience; very less code, easy to maintain and navigate through directories.

The only thing I wanna complain about Svelte is, there aren't lots of discussion done in bug fixing. Also, at sometime the documentation of SvelteKit feels kinda off [personal experience]. Like, you get to know about it's feature only when you actually use it. Tailwind CSS only gives intellisense with the previous version of Tailwind not the latest one.

Overall, I can skip some minor downsides for greater ease and performance.

So, yes, I can say Svelte is the most perfect framework for solo developers. But still I would love to add Ruby on Rails on that list as well, though they both act and function differently.

Thanks 😊

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