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I hate API development "as an indie dev"

I hate API development "as an indie dev". Independent developers don't have the luxury of a full company to support them. They need to be able to build, ship and iterate quickly towards success or move on to the next thing, that's why indie hackers love full stack. Also, we don't have enough time to develop API and frontend concurrently.

It's not that I am not able to develop APIs, but being an indie dev makes me seek proper full-stack frameworks, so I have been seeking some frameworks, Rails is one of them.
I have pretty confidently learnt Rails 7. But another GoLang framework popped up, which is Bud (aka LiveBud GoLang).

Bud is still in the development phase. The conclusion is that if you're an independent developer, do not listen to the suggestion of corporate guys, just use a full-stack framework like: Rails 7, Django, Laravel or Bud or equivalent.

I have been developing Deviser Club, a straightforward multi-blogging platform with proper features with rails. And it's 2 weeks from now.

Let's see, how'll my rails journey go?

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