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How to get more users on my website?

I know it's hard to get the first 2000 daily users on your website, but it's not that hard.

How to get more users on my website?

Here's how I did it...

Never stop publishing

Publishing new content continuously is very essential. If you have a web app, keep adding news feature pages and tools to it. The more you publish, the higher the chance to get more users on the traffic.

If your website has a lot of promising features or content, why won't a user use it? So, keep publishing.

Keep promoting

Platforms like LinkedIn Groups or Facebook groups can be quite nice to get new users on the website. The more you promote your website the higher the chances of getting new users.

Do keyword research and reposting

Doing keyword research is still extremely essential. Research for the things that users search a lot related to your site's niche, and write an SEO-optimized article on it. And post it.

After posting it on your main platform, now what you have to do is reposting. Reposting simply means posting the same content on other platforms with little word tweaking.
You can repost your content in MyBlog, and

Things special in 2022

There is one main thing that'll help you to gain more users in 2022. So, here's how you can do it...

Web ... know about that special thing

The new special thing to get traffic is being highly promoted by Google, so I really suggest you to apply it.

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