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Bishwas Bhandari
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How do I learn things so fast?

I dunno if I learn things fast or not, but some of my friends said "how do you learn things so fast?", so here's how I learn things...

  1. I never learn things if there's no necessity
  2. I believe in researching, there's nothing tasty than a good research
  3. I do code and implementation while learning
  4. I make commercially usable products with my gained knowledge
  5. I spend time making two or three projects with my gained skills
  6. I write blogs, articles and posts about my learning
  7. I never give up even if there are tons of bugs
  8. I approach people; YouTubers, Senior or Junior Developers, Bloggers
  9. While learning, I do not exactly copy the code, I surely do something slightly different than the video/doc, so that I can suffer errors and the exceptions.
  10. I am hungry to develop my ideas and bring them into real life! How do you learn things so fast

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