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Bishwas Bhandari
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Can programmers actually hate a framework or a language?

Can programmers actually hate a framework or a language? If yes, which one do you hate and why? And which one is your best alternative for that purpose?

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Other comments seem to hit the point.

You could compare languages and then say "that one's safer", "that one's easier", "that one's letting you progress your project faster" or something.

Very subjective obviously.

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Dennis Tobar

Different problems, different languages. There is no "best choice" of language or framework even if your choosing from the same language (ie Vue/React).

Instead of blaming about the language, I encourage my team to resolve problems and coding with the available tools or framework

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I do agree with the other comments so far, we should not hate a language or framework without having any proof and even then. Each framework and language have its place.

I will also add, that I think we can hate, not the language itself, but some past experience we had with it, the environment we were in, etc... It just turned out we were using that framework at the time, and we just connect that experience with the framework itself.

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Everyone has biases, especially the people who claim to have no biases.

Frameworks and languages should be measured by their efficacy and implemented when it makes sense for the dev teams migrate.
Calling a framework or language "trash" or "outdated" without any facts to back it up is toxic. In order to avoid today kind of toxicity, it's important for devs to be able to separate their biases from their informed opinions.

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Everyone has a different personality.

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Bishwas Bhandari

Thannks a lot