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Best Google AdSense Forums

You, as a blogger or webmaster might have to suffer from a lot of issues, problems and hectic about Google Adsense, Google Adsense Forums help you to tackle them. Not only that, you can share your Adsense knowledge with others, help new bloggers and contribute to making this world a better place.

So, today, I have hand-picked some of top best Google Adsense forums, that you can join and get your problems sorted out just in seconds.

Why join Google Adsense Forums?

Google Adsense Communities can help with Adsense-related issues, and you might not be able to solve those issues on your own, or you might not have the idea to fix that issue. And at some point time, you might need the help of an expert or someone who suffered the same issues as yours, and at that time Google Adsense forums can be handy. I extremely suggest you join the given Adsense forums.

Top 4 Google AdSense Forums Bloggers and Webmasters

So, below are those very best Adsense forums according to their relevance, and answering speed in descending order.

Google Adsense forum by Webmatrices

Best Google Adsense Forum - WebmatricesWebmatrices – The Best Adsense Community

Webmatrices is one of the leading online forums for web creators in 2022, and their speciality is Google Adsense. Hundreds of people are continuously active in the Webmatrices Adsense forum. Honestly, this is the only fastest Adsense forum you can get your doubts cleared just in seconds.

Webmatrices Verified Member – belhachemia1997 from

People are helpful and supportive here, and the special thing about this forum is it is not extremely populated. An optimized number of members increases the chance of your questions being answered very fast. Their staff are mostly professional bloggers, which is a very good advantage for you.

Within this Adsense forum, people discuss any type of problem starting from tips for getting approval from Google Adsensecriteria for Adsense approval, Adsense approval tricks and methods to how to protect your site from getting banned by Google Adsense and many more.

Many other helpful topics are also discussed here, like Search Engine Optimization, Blogging, Automation and Programming.

Members' interaction in Webmatrices Google Adsense forum!Members’ interaction in Webmatrices forum!

They reward top answers with points and reputations. Top users get verified batch, and other batches such as Turbo, Pro Blogger, Adsense Guru, etc.

Google AdSense Help Community

You might wonder, why the original website of Google AdSense Community is in the top second because it’s all about speed. People are too congested here, and the chance of your question being answered is very low as compared to the top 1 Adsense community.

But the best thing about this forum is, that official employees of Google Adsense work here, and you can get more legal, official and appropriate answers.

Official Google Adsense CommunityOfficial Google Adsense Community

This community awards top answerers and contributors with cool labels and tags, like Rising Stars and Top Contributors.

Most of the staff here give very straightforward and more generic answers, which is nice as other bloggers also can be benefited from the answers.

Wanna check if your website is eligible for Google Adsense? Here’s how you can check website for Adsense approval?

AdSense Webmaster

Being one of the oldest webmaster forums offering AdSense, you can consider this forum to be a genuine place to discuss your Adsense issues. This forum is also nicely populated, with a good number of experts you can get answers in some hours.

While asking for help in the community

It’s always good to follow the rules and regulations of communities before posting on them. So, here are the general rules that you might have to consider while posting…

  1. Do not ask the same question multiple times

  2. Be extremely specific, and detailed about your question

  3. Share the screenshots about stats or issues if possible

  4. Make your point clear and exact

  5. Do not spam or share the same link multiple times

  6. Do not self-promote (exception: you can promote your content in webmatrices My Blog section)

  7. Always review and re-read your content before posting them

  8. Make sure you have chosen exact tags or categories for the issues

Thanks for reading with me, hope these Adsense communities helped you to get your problems solved.

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