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Bishwas Bhandari
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AdSense Protector - invalid click, click bombing and invalid traffic

The issues of invalid click and invalid traffic on AdSense is common if you share your URL in social media like: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Also, click bombing is also a common issue nowadays.
For the fix of this issue, I've discovered an awesome platform that can protect our AdSense account in a super smooth way. It's called Xoomato URL Guard, aka Adsense Protector.


How to protect your Adsense Account via Adsense Protector?

Basically, what this platform does is applies three security layers your URL to make in safe, secure and fast. These layers makes your website worthy and removes the sources info of social medias, which makes it super secure.

Xoomato URL guard dashboard

  1. Go to Xoomato URL Guard
  2. Copy your article URL and paste it in Original Url
  3. Choose security mode as Normal Security
  4. Write a description if you want, else leave it blank.
  5. Copy the URL you got, and share it wherever you want.

This is how you can use AdSense Protector to protect your Adsense account.

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