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Welcome to ImageHive v2

Welcome to the long-awaited v2 of ImageHive, which is finally here, and here is a breakdown of the newer features available to you.

In the beta release which was done a couple of months ago, we delivered ImageHive as a platform where users would be able to get colors the combination of colors available in images uploads from your local drive, even to the smallest bit of color.

Well all that is going to be improved in v2, and here are the updates:

1) Users can now get the color of images from a URL & not just locally

Before now users can only get the color combinations from images locally but it would be much easier if I see an image over on Unsplash or Shutterstock which I need the colors used or even over on Google, just by copying the image URL and pasting in the URL section of the web app to fetch colors.

2) You can now auto-scroll to the color container section of the page once the image is gotten via URL or Upload.

As requested, finding the color of an image is hard after it has been generated, with the new auto-scroll feature, you would be automatically taken to the generated colors without your scrolling there.

3) You can now copy both HEX & RGB color codes

While designing or coding you might want to stay consistent with using the HEX combination or you might prefer RGB, both are now available to be copied for every color generated.

4) Menu bar & Body is now responsive

We had a small issue with the responsiveness of our menu and the upload section in the body, and other responsiveness issues, all have been fixed in this new update.

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Thank you for using ImageHive, for feature-related requests, you can post them in the chat below or send an email to

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Abodunrin AbdulSalam

This is great.
Really helpful for me. I suck at picking colors.