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The journey is only 1% finished

developerayo profile image Shodipo Ayomide Updated on ・2 min read

It's hard to find where you belong, this is mine.

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As I announced on Twitter I would be joining the awesome Stack Overflow team working in-between the Community and the Platform Engineering team here at Stack Overflow.

Helping to improve the Stack Overflow platform in general is exciting for me and it's exactly the kind of role I have been looking out for.

I am looking forward to working with all the moderators on Stack Overflow and helping to shape the future, importantly making it an open/safe place where users can easily collaborate, ask questions and get answers to issues they have.

I had roughly around 10 interviews, every single person I spoke with from Sara Chips, Yaakov Ellis, Teresa Dietrich, Cesar Manara and the amazing coordinator Abby T. Mars, where all amazing, the flow of the interview was one excitement after another, I sure studied hard for this one after every interview 😂

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Joining a team like this, with so many awesome people changes everything for me, contributing to a global platform that has about 50 Million+ monthly visits and 20 Million+ developers actively using this platform is big and I look forward to building a platform with Stack Overflow where every user feels welcomed when using our platform, and I can’t wait to begin on the 25th of January 2021

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You can follow me over on Twitter here: @developerayo

As Chukwuemeka Afigbo would say:

The journey is only 1% finished.

Jisi nu ike "Be Strong"

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Congratulations man

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Congratulations boss

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Adeniji Victor


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Osinachi Chukwujama

Congratulations boss

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Congratulations Ayo!!!! this is well deserved. No doubt you will do amazing things at SO

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Ileriayo Adebiyi

Yo yo yo!!!

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Favour Chukwuedo

Jisi ike! I mego ofuma.

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Michael Owolabi

Congratulations man 🎉

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Chukwudi Ngwobia

Congratulations man.

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James J