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Minhazur Rahman Ratul
Minhazur Rahman Ratul

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My productivity setup ( VS Code )

In this post I am gonna show you my personal vs code setup! Which makes me more productive. And gives me inspiration to do more coding. I will show you how turn this boring one, -


To this cool one-


And I will also provide you a list of useful VS code extentions which will make you life more easier as a developer. So if you are interested, continue reading...


When it comes about theme every people has a different choice. But I personally prefer to use - "The best theme". Yes if you take my opinion this is the best theme. Which gives an elegant look to my VS code. It's pretty similar to one dark pro. But this one is a little bit lighter than one dark pro. Which attracts me so much.



I use Fira Code as the default font of my editor. Which looks pretty fine. It gives a nice look to my editor. And fira code 400 medium is recommended with the Best theme.

Alt Text


For icons I use Material Icon Theme Which makes my icons simple and elegant looking.

Alt Text

Useful Extentions

1. Prettier

Prettier is a really really useful extention. It formats your unformatted code once you save your file. So install it. And after installation, go to settings, and search - "Format on save" Then check the settings if it is marked. Then add some code in your settings.json

"editor.defaultFormatter": "esbenp.prettier-vscode",
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2. Auto Rename Tag

This extention saves my time a lot When I am working with React, Html and XML. It renames the closing tag automatically when you try to rename the opening tag.

Alt Text

3. ES7 React/Redux/GraphQL/React-Native snippets

This extention saves a lot of time when I am working with react and react-native. It helps me to prevent writing all the boilerplate codes. Like when I type - 'rafce' if generates all the codes for a react functional component.

4. Live Server

This extention is so useful when you are working with html, css and js projects. It auto reloads the browser page once you save any file in your project.

Alt Text

5. Bracket Pair Colorizer

This extention is so much useful. It highlights the occurance of the opening and closing brackets. And it generates different colors of brackets. Which helps me a lot to have a more better and fast understanding.

Alt Text

6. Tabnine Autocomplete AI

Tabnine is autocomplete AI tool. This will help you a lot when it comes to coding! And I highly recommend it. Just install it and you are gonna stick with that! it's insane!

Alt Text

So that was my vs code setup. I enjoy working a lot with this setup. Let me know what is your productivity setup! in the discussions.

Latest comments (65)

sergei profile image
Sergei Sarkisian

TabNine is pretty heavy on resources, be noticed.

julesparra profile image
Jules Parra

omg i need to use the live server extention予 thanks for sharing, i've been looking for resources like this lately as I'm experimenting with vscode with web dev after being a loyal brackets user

mikedev profile image

Hey guys! I would like to ask a question with a problem I'm having. When I click on the "go live" tab on vscode it's not opening the web browser as it should, Chrome is my default as it always has been, also when I right click on the html file in the workspace column it's still not opening the browser. I've searched many solutions and none seem to be helping I've also uninstalled and reinstalled code twice, nothing seems to work, can anyone shed some light or point me in a direction I can work with. I appreciate any help you guys can offer.

rhartzell profile image
Rod Hartzell

I absolutely love the indent-rainbow extension.

yatki profile image
Mehmet Yatk覺

You may wanna try this one too :)

GitHub logo yatki / vscode-surround

丕 simple yet powerful extension to add wrapper templates around your code blocks


Visual Studio Marketplace Visual Studio Marketplace GitHub last commit License

A simple yet powerful extension to add wrapper templates around your code blocks


  • Supports multi selections
  • Fully customizable
  • Custom wrapper functions
  • You can assign shortcuts for each wrapper function separately
  • Nicely formated

Demo 1: Choosing wrapper function from quick pick menu

Demo 1

Demo 2: Wrapping multi selections

Demo 2

How To Use

After selecting the code block, you can

  • right click on selected code
  • OR press (ctrl+shift+T) or (cmd+shift+T)

to get list of commands and pick one of them.


Each wrapper has a separate command so you can define keybindings for your favourite wrappers by searching surround.with.commandName in the 'Keyboard Shortcuts' section.

List of commands

Command Snippet

surround.with (ctrl+shift+T)
List of all the enabled commands below
surround.with.if if ($condition) { ... }
surround.with.ifElse if ($condition) { ... } else { $else }
surround.with.tryCatch try { ... } catch (err) { $catchBlock }
surround.with.tryFinally try { ... } finally { $finalBlock

jesperhodge profile image
Jesper Hodge

Did you try Fira Code iScript? I'm so so happy with the italics, even though I was skeptical first...

And another question, has anyone compared TabNine to Kite? (Free version) - I'm using Kite, it's quite helpful so far but not incredible, do you recommend TabNine instead?

jasoki profile image
Jason Kim

Auto Rename Tag looks great. Thanks for the suggestion

jankohlbach profile image
Jan Kohlbach

haha, thanks for liking and mentioning my theme
I was wondering why the install count did raise so much the last days and even github issues appeared until someone mentioned this article to me

developeratul profile image
Minhazur Rahman Ratul • Edited

DUde! Your theme is so awesome. I really enjoy using your theme :D Thanks for creating that

orels1 profile image

While it's a paid font, I still can't recommend Dank Mono enough. Its a pretty unique looking font among the coding fonts, so you never know if you might like it!

JetBrains mono is also good. Learned to love it when I started doing some C# coding for Unity stuff.

And in terms of themes, I just can't stop using Monokai Pro:

Some other things to note that i haven't seen other mention:

  • Dash integration, if you're on macos and using Dash - pulls up the docs for things in Dash
  • Code Spell Checker, for all your flase and other fun typos
  • Partial Diff, for weird situations when you want to quickly compare some code in the editor, i often use it to compare some code that i have open on github withi pieces on my local machine (without having to switch branches locally)

Nice compilation though! Will be grabbing the autocomplete for sure

developeratul profile image
Minhazur Rahman Ratul

Thank for the font!

imprimph profile image

What is the extension you used to get those three vertical lines for "===" operator?

pscl profile image

Nice article! I'm currently using JetBrains Mono but I'm a huge fan of Fira Code as well.

lepinekong profile image
Info Comment hidden by post author - thread only accessible via permalink

I tried tabnine for typescript I found it completely useless

developeratul profile image
Minhazur Rahman Ratul

But in my device, it works just fine :)..... IDK why it is not working in your device it might be a bug .

lepinekong profile image

I didn't it doesn't work I say it's useless ;)

kunalgupta557a profile image

How do i change fonts to jetbrains

developeratul profile image
Minhazur Rahman Ratul

at first install them > then go to settings > and search font's > then set it to > 'jetbrains mono' / 'fira code'

allabouttech0803 profile image

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