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Will PHP practicing click eventually?

Developer Attic
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What's up guys!, I'm new here by the way so nice to meet everyone on this forum. Anyway i want to ask this newbie question as i'm still pretty new to PHP coding. I kept hearing people saying that even if i don't understand the language for me to just keep coding and build projects and it will just click in my head eventually?..

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Pavel Kutáč

It really depends on your skills, and I noticed it also depends where the developer came from.

If someone came from Java/C#/C++ world, they tend to create interfaces and abstractions everywhere. Which is not needed so much as in compiled/static typed languages. When they came from another scripting language, it is not happening so often.

Also Laravel is framework, which is very flexible. So you can very easily and quickly write big application, but it will not be maintainable. On the other hand, if you will follow best-practices, the application will be nice to read, easy to maintain and robust.

So yes, start coding, look into another existing applications or articles. And one day, you can become Laravel master.