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How to Upgrade Laravel 9 to Laravel 10 .

Laravel 10 is officially released
Today I will show how to upgrade laravel 9 to laravel 10.

Updating Dependencies
PHP 8.1.0 Required
Laravel now requires PHP 8.1.0 or greater.

Composer 2.2.0 Required
Laravel now requires Composer 2.2.0 or greater.

Composer Dependencies
You should update the following dependencies in your application's composer.json file:

1.laravel/framework to ^10.0

2.laravel/sanctum to ^3.2

3.spatie/laravel-ignition to ^2.0

4.nunomaduro/collision to ^7.0

5.phpunit/phpunit to ^10.0

Update your composer. Run this command

composer update.

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Hope that work it . Happy Coding and Learning .

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