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Competitive Programming

What is Competitive Programming

Competitive Programming is an art. Most of the developers don't do this because they think it's really tough ?. But it isn't tough it's like a game when you start playing with problems you start loving it. CP is like a game but it also tests your patience level.

How to start Competitive Programming ?

Most of the beginners don't know how to start CP even i myself don't know this when i started my journey in CP world. When i started CP most of the time i was unable to solve even basic problems and this is the time when we say that we can't do this. But the only way to be good in this is keep doing competitive programming.

Some rules to start competitive programming

  • learn one programming language completely.
  • learn data-structures
  • Strong your basics and for this
  • Daily write code
  • Read and apply algorithms.

Golden rule of CP

The only rule is just learn before you write code. The problem with us is this world change us and we don't want to wait and that's why most of the developers jump in competitive programming before knowing the basics and that's why they'll not able to solve problems and they become frustrated. So first complete your basics and write code daily.

How we can do this regularly ?

This is the common problem with us that we start something and after 3 or 4 days we become bore and we leave that thing.

Solution of this problem is

  • do commitment with yourself
  • write your goal somewhere( like on paper etc.)

and the best way of doing this is make a PR on github and name it whatever you want eg. 100 days of CODE and push your code daily.

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rockstartushar profile image

It seems every single word, I read here pushing me and lowering the weight of stress of those barrier which I know in starting the CP. ALL I CAN SAY IS - "Thank you for all your tips and kind encouraging blog"..