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S6:E2 - Lambda, Fargate, EC2, Oh My! An AWS Service Deep Dive

In this episode, we talk about solving problems via Amazon Web Services with Ken Collins, AWS Serverless Hero and staff engineer at Custom Ink, and Vlad Ionescu, AWS Container Hero and DevOps consultant.

Show Notes

Ken Collins

Ken Collins is an AWS serverless hero and principal engineer at Custom Ink where he focuses on growing their DevOps culture within the Ecommerce teams. Custom Ink is approaching its 20th year in business and is entering its second phase of Cloud adoption, where he helps a growing platform technology team succeed using AWS-first well-architected patterns.

Vlad Ionescu

Vlad Ionescu is a consultant focused on getting companies to high-performing levels. He is an AWS Container Hero and focuses extensively on developer velocity.

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Ken Collins

Forgot the Lamby & Rails stuff :)