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S5:E5 - Hardware Hacking for Everyone

In this episode, we talk about hardware hacking with Charlyn Gonda, software engineer at Google, and Sophy Wong, a multi-disciplinary designer working with wearable technology and digital fabrication.

Show Notes

Charlyn Gonda

Charlyn Gonda is a coder by day and a maker by night. She's passionate about creating art in between the physical and digital, and deeply believes that practicing creativity can lead to impactful solutions for challenging problems.

Sophy Wong

Sophy Wong is a multidisciplinary designer whose projects range from period costumes to Arduino-driven wearable tech. She can be found at and on her YouTube channel chronicling her adventures in making.

Episode source

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Matt Ellen

If you prefer javascript to python then I can recommend Espurino. Easy to programme and not too expensive.