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S2:E6 - How to be an Entrepreneur

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In this episode, we talk about entrepreneurship with Courtland Allan, founder of Indie Hackers and host of the Indie Hackers podcast, and Kelly Vaughn, CEO and founder of The Taproom, and co-host of the Ladybug podcast.

Show Notes

Courtland Allen

Courtland Allen is the founder of Indie Hackers and host of the Indie Hackers podcast.

Kelly Vaughn

Kelly Vaughn is the CEO and founder of The Taproom, a Shopify Plus agency rooted in Atlanta. Kelly and her team have helped hundreds of Shopify merchants build successful marketing strategies; map out customer journeys that convert; and provide the insight, experience, and tools businesses need to keep growing.

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ritvikdubey27 profile image
Ritvik Dubey

Great episode🤩 love when Kelly said "this is a company you created, you are really proud of that success of that company and you continue to being involved in their everyday work" and when Courtland said "When you create a company you set the rules." love this❤️. "Be patient but also be persistent." There are few more points I loved a lot but these points means to me. Now its time to brush up my ideas and immediately start working on them. Great initiative would love to hear more such amazing podcast on such topics.😍😍

veldakiara profile image
Velda Kiara

In this episode I like the conversation on how when you're an entrepreneur and developer you get to have more freedom and autonomy of how you want the end product to look like without running it through anybody as compared to when you're just a developer which equates to less autonomy and running through your ideas with the founders first.