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S1:E3 - Unpopular Opinions in Software Development

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Developers can have pretty opinions about their industry, and we wanted to air out our most unpopular ones, your most unpopular ones, as well as Kelsey Hightower's, staff developer advocate at Google.

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Kelsey Hightower

Kelsey HIghtower is a staff developer advocate at Google.

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Thibault ROHMER

"Those tools have the most value when you have a lots of applications to deploy" ❤️
"Microservices come with a tremendous amount of overhead. And most companies should consider building what would be traditionally described as a monolithic application and get really good at that before considering a new architecture pattern that may come with a lot more requirements than what they're currently doing." ❤️

"Docker and Kubernetes are not solution to your scalability problems" ❤️

Yep, when you look at tech blogs (netflix, amazon, uber, ...), you can see the amount of pain they've been through!

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Joe Krump

It seems like the audio cuts out at 41:54. Same for anyone else?

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Sudharaka Palamakumbura

Same for me unfortunately. 😢

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"Most Software Development doesn't pay off but 1% pays off like crazy". This is very accurate.