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How does your development process look like?

devcamilla profile image camilla ・1 min read

I'm part of a small team and we're trying to redefine our development process to be more effective and intact. I want to have insight on how other teams, big and small, does it. Can you share a walk-through of your development process, from ticket to release, or alike. :)


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J. Pichardo

eXtreme Programming all the way! #yolo

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Quentin Sonrel

At my job we are a small team: 1 project manager, 1 developer (me), 4 testers. We also have foreign collaborators (context: our project is a fork of their project). We have a classical "dev, test, prod" scheme.

  • Feature idea is introduced
  • Feature is discussed and specs are written (as a GitHub issue most often)
  • As a the main developer I start developing the feature, this part depends on the nature of the feature but it's usually agile/scrum-ish (small iterations with frequent reviews with my project manager)
  • Once the feature begins to be functional, I usually make a pull request to make the code review easier (I also update the GitHub issue)
  • When the feature is done, the pull request can be merged, although, since we have foreign collaborators, we can also ask them if they are interested in the feature, in that case, more pull request fun may happen, ahah !
  • The testing version of our project is updated so the testers can do their job
  • If need be, issues are fixed either by the project manager (small issues, e.g. UI or translation ones) or by me (bigger coding issues)
  • When it's all good and when the times come, the production version is updated with the new feature(s).

It's quite efficient since we are a small team. Also the whole issue/pull request thing gives a lot of visibility for anyone interested in our work.