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Alternative to TablePlus: A comprehensive look at dbForge Edge

TablePlus can be classified as a cross-platform and cross-database GUI client due to its lightweight and speed. You may be among its many satisfied users, as it is reliable and well-liked. However, what if the time has come to increase your capabilities and search for a new tool with additional features to meet your expanding needs? We can recommend dbForge Edge, a multidatabase suite of four high-end IDEs whose performance and ease of use are the only things that can equal its broad capability.

Your go-to tool for a variety of database-related activities is dbForge Edge:

  • Effective SQL coding includes a wide range of formatting options, intelligent refactoring, debugging, and context-sensitive code autocompletion and object suggestions
  • Complex query building visually without coding
  • Optimizing query performance
  • Finding and matching discrepancies between table data and database schemas
  • Database management and migration
  • Data reporting and analysis
  • Creation of insightful, column-wise test data
  • creation of documentation for databases
  • Database Management

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