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Improved Compatibility with Power Pivot, Visual Basic, and RStudio in ODBC Drivers

Devart introduced new versions of ODBC drivers for Oracle, PostgreSQL, QuickBooks, and xBase. The updated drivers got improved compatibility with Power Pivot, Visual Basic, and RStudio.

Devart, a recognized vendor of connectivity solutions for various databases and cloud services, released new versions of ODBC Drivers for Oracle, PostgreSQL, QuickBooks, and xBase. The new versions of drivers feature enhanced compatibility with Power Pivot, Visual Basic, and RStudio. In particular:

1 - One of the updates in ODBC driver for xBase is improved compatibility with Microsoft SQL Server Management and Power BI Desktop. It got an improved file access mechanism and the new connection parameter, which forces the driver to ignore errors in database indexes.

2 - The updated ODBC driver for Oracle supports long database identifiers, and also got a new connection parameter.

3 - ODBC driver for PostgreSQL now supports materialized views. Access to the data in a materialized view is much faster than accessing the underlying table directly or through a view, although the data itself is not always fresh.

4 - The token lifetime was significantly increased in the QuickBooks ODBC driver, which eliminates the need for the user to regularly authenticate the driver to QuickBooks.

Learn more about the recent release by visiting Devart’s blog article

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