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Devart Greatly Enhanced its Flagman Solution — dbForge SQL Complete

The most recent update of dbForge SQL Complete v.6.2 got significant improvements. The changes have affected code navigation, code completion, and snippets management functionality.


Devart, a recognized vendor of professional database management software for developers and DBAs, announced the release of greatly enhanced dbForge SQL Complete v.6.2. The updates in the popular add-in for SSMS and Visual Studio are aimed to facilitate database development, minimize downtime, and help avoid performance issues.

The full list of dbForge SQL Complete updates includes:

1) Code Completion and Snippets Manager Functionality — an even greater acceleration of the coding process by eliminating typos and logic errors with such new features:

  • Support for the MIN_ACTIVE_ROWVERSION function;
  • The Extend Insert Highlight Occurrences feature;
  • Displaying MS_Description for the Azure objects;
  • Suggesting properties for the built-in metadata functions;
  • Prompting times zones in AT TIME ZONE, hints names for USE HINT option, objects in the context of DBCC SHOW_STATISTICS, and indexes in WITH clauses;
  • Suggesting GENERATED ALWAYS AS ROW START options in the Completion List;
  • Displaying property names for the SERVERPROPERTY functions;
  • Support for the DBCC CHECKIDENT command;
  • Exclusion of IDENTITYCOL, $IDENTITY when unfolding asterisk.

2) SQL Сode Navigation functionality - the navigation functionality of SQL Complete has also been extended to ensure the ease of navigation and productivity extension.
3) SQL Server Management Studio v18.3 support.

dbForge SQL Complete is an advanced solution for SQL database development, management, and administration. The tool helps to write, beautify, and refactor SQL code while boosting overall productivity. To learn more about the current release, please visit —

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