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Devart dbForge Studio for Oracle v4.2 and Minitools Now Support Oracle 20c

Devart has just released the new version of its key tool, dbForge Studio for Oracle v4.2, and other tools from the dbForge for Oracle product line. The updated solutions support Oracle 20c and have a new option for data synchronization.

Devart, a recognized vendor of professional database management software for developers and DBAs, rolled out the new version of its popular solution – dbForge Studio for Oracle, v.4.2. The improved IDE now features connectivity support for Oracle 20c and a brand-new option for data synchronization.

  • Connectivity. The Czech vendor strives to stay on top of software development, thus the new Studio for Oracle v.4.2 is promptly enhanced with an option to connect and work with Oracle 20c databases.
  • Data Compare - Data Synchronization Wizard now includes a new sync option, Reseed identity columns. When selected, this option reseeds current values for identity columns and properly modifies the START WITH values for the IDENTITY columns.

Other tools from the dbForge for Oracle product line, such as dbForge Data Compare for Oracle, dbForge Schema Compare for Oracle, dbForge Compare Bundle for Oracle, dbForge Data Generator for Oracle, and dbForge Documenter for Oracle, were also updated with Oracle Database 20c support.

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Learn more about dbForge Studio for Oracle from this short video guide

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