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dbExpress Drivers Support Latest Versions of RDBMS

Devart introduced the updated dbExpress drivers. Enhanced products now support the latest versions of RDBMS.

Devart, a recognized vendor of professional database management software for developers and DBAs, released the updated dbExpress drivers. New RDBMS versions were supported in the associated drivers: InterBase 2020, PostgreSQL 12, and Oracle 19c. TLS 1.2 is also supported in the Direct connection mode of dbExpress driver for SQL Server.

The vendor also removed the limitation on the number of table columns users can retrieve in the trial version of dbExpress drivers on macOS and Linux. From now on, the codebase can be tested in a production-like environment.

dbExpress is a database-independent layer that defines the common interface to provide fast access to SQL database servers from Delphi and C++Builder. For each supported server, dbExpress provides a driver as an independent library that implements the common dbExpress interfaces for processing queries and stored procedures.

All the breaking news about dbExpress drivers can be found at the official Devart website —

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