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A Huge Update of dbForge Compare Bundle for SQL Server

Devart has rolled out a new version of its dbForge Compare Bundle for SQL Server which includes both brand-new and significantly improved core features.


Devart, a recognized software vendor of database tools and data connectivity solutions, has significantly updated its SQL Server comparison tool pack. The release of dbForge Compare Bundle for SQL Server, v. 5.8, has brought numerous updates for its components dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server and dbForge Data Compare for SQL Server.

The Schema Compare includes these major updates:

- Object Filter — this new feature allows filtering objects right in Comparison Document. The feature also allows applying multiple filters and creating custom filters with Filter Editor which can be saved;
- Objects Text Diff Control (redesigned) — gained the coloring model of diffs highlighting;
- Schema comparison report in HTML (redesigned) — now includes the actual script differences, apart from information about objects;
- Generate Comparison Report Window & Schema Comparison MS SSMS Add-in Window were also redesigned.

The new edition of Data Compare includes:

- Data Compare Control (redesigned) — tabs of the grid became more informative with more crisp data differences highlighting;
- Data comparison report in CSV (redesigned) — now generates several report files in CSV format. One of them contains summary results, and the rest of the files contain specific data diffs info;
- Generate Comparison Report Window & Data Comparison SSMS Add-in Window were redesigned as well.

All the updated features will be available regardless of how the tools were downloaded, either separately or in a bundle. Learn more about the recent release by visiting Devart’s blog article

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