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Devarshi Shimpi
Devarshi Shimpi

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StaticStorm - Unleash the power of simple, fast and secure websites. Linode + DEV Hackathon


What I built

I built a platform called StaticStorm, which is an alternative to Vercel that allows users to deploy their projects and create fast websites with ease.

With StaticStorm, users can log in and select their preferred framework for deployment. The platform uses GitHub authentication for easy deployment, and all projects are made publicly hosted on Linode upon deployment. It can also redeploy the project automatically on new commit. I plan to integrate Manual Re-Deployment as well!

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SaaS Superstars, Integration Innovators, Wacky Wildcard

App Link


StaticStorm Landing Page


StaticStorm Login


StaticStorm Github Repo Selection


StaticStorm Deploying Project 1


StaticStorm Deploying Project 2


StaticStorm Dashboard


StaticStorm Deployed Project Preview


StaticStorm Deleting Deployed Project


Linode Dashboard


Linode Frontend Compute Instance


Linode Backend Compute Instance



StaticStorm is a platform for easily deploying projects and creating fast websites. Choose your preferred framework, and StaticStorm takes care of the rest. With React, Node.js, and Tailwind, your website performs exceptionally well.

Link to Source Code

Permissive License

MIT License

Tech Stack

  • Frontend Hosting - Linode Compute Instances (Nanode)
  • Backend Hosting - Linode Compute Instances
  • Frontend - React
  • Backend - Nodejs
  • Framework - Tailwind CSS



I built StaticStorm for a hackathon, with the goal of creating a platform that would allow users to easily deploy their projects and create fast websites. I wanted to create an alternative to Vercel that would offer similar functionality but with a more user-friendly interface. The feature is already present in DigitalOcean called as DigitalOcean App Platform I thought of building something on top of Linode Platform.

How I built it

Building StaticStorm was an exciting challenge that allowed me to explore the latest web technologies and create a powerful platform for deploying projects and creating fast websites. I started by selecting the technology stack that would power the platform. I chose React for the frontend, Node.js for the backend, and Tailwind for the design. This combination allowed me to create a fast and responsive website that could handle a large number of concurrent users.

I implemented a simple login system that allowed users to create accounts and start deploying their projects right away. Users can choose their preferred framework and easily deploy their project using GitHub authentication. I also created a dashboard where users can manage their projects and view their deployment logs.

To ensure StaticStorm's performance, I used Nginx to host the website and hosted the backend on a separate Linode server. I also added support for custom domains and implemented a powerful caching system that ensured lightning-fast page load times.

Additional Resources/Info

Thank You!

Overall, building StaticStorm was an incredible learning experience, and I'm proud to have created a platform that empowers users to create simple, fast websites with ease.

Thanks to @thepracticaldev and Linode Team ( Akamai Team ) for this amazing opportunity to build such an amazing project!!!

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