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Disclaimer ⚠

Since a long time I wanted to be able to share this viewpoint as to why proper research is more important than amazing design skills but I never found myself in the position to be able to share this topic because I never thought it will be perceived positively but it since recent happenings I think I should be sharing this.

Storytime 🎤

Take for instance an interview you are called for. You are excited about the interview because it is a call for a job you love so to make a good impression you go through everything you there the available for the job and the company profile. Now as you research about the company you start realizing things about the company which you otherwise would not have been able to know if you had not searched for it. Now, if you portray this in the interview there is a good chance of you being considered as a good imperession becuase you know what you are getting yourself into.

Learning 🙌

Similar is the case with design, if you have a client from a particular market it is your job to research about the design trends, norms of that respective market or else if you design vaguely just for the sake of good looking design and even if the client likes it, the design would be of no technical use. Even a small amount of research will get you the knowledge which you can use in your design to make the design profitable for the client you are designing for.

Conclusion 👋

Many of you might already be doing this but I have seen designer start designing without any prior research, I have been here and I can guarantee that the design indeed served no purpose other than visually appealing but contextually it did not really make sense.

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