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Command Prompt Tricks

Devansh Tayal
Everything under the sun is my syllabus. And I'm loving that i follow my syllabus being efficient.
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You can change color using the following command in cmd.

color color-code

The following command will give you a list of all the colors you can use in cmd:

help color

The following command will change the color of the terminal:

color 04


You can change the prompt text in the cmd using the following command:

prompt devansh@cmd$G

here $G is a special character for the '>' symbol

Change Title in CMD

If you want to change the title in cmd, you can simply use the title command followed by the title. Following title command will change the cmd title to "Hacking in progress...":

title Changing in progress...

Watch star wars movie in CMD

Do you know that you can watch star wars movies in the cmd? Well if you don't, you need to fire the following command and you should be welcomed with the star wars movie:


If telnet doesn't work, make sure you turn it on by going into the Windows Features and clicking telnet!
Start>Turn windows features on and off>Check telnetHide your folders using CMD

Hide a Folder

If you want to hide a folder named "devansh" in a directory, you can use the following command:

Attrib +h +s +r devansh

Once your folder is hidden, you can show it again by firing the following command:

Attrib -h -s -r devansh

Create a Folder with reserved names (Like aux, con, etc.)

Do you know that you cannot create a folder named aux or con in windows?

These are the reserved names that windows use for internal purposes.
You can still create a folder named con or aux by firing the following command in cmd:

md con\
md aux\


View all the installed programs on your PC

You can view all the installed programs on your pc by firing the following command:

wmic product get name

If you know some other trick, feel free to share it. Have fun!

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