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Simple but Minimal Portfolio template

Devang Saklani
Freelance Front-end developer
・2 min read

Simple but minimal Portfolio Website using React and GSAP

Hi everyone, my name is Devang Saklani. I'm a Front-end Developer from India and I've recently built a Simple portfolio website using React and GSAP.
Everyone can use this website and modify it in which ever way they want (no attributions necessary).

Check it out live:
check out the Particle-js version here:
(Feedbacks will be appreciated)
Github repo: here

Lighthouse score:
Lighthouse score

I've also added few default themes but You can also make and add your own theme by making a simple CSS Class like:

.unique_theme {
    --bg: #0c0f0a;
    --primary: #f8f8f8;
    --secondary: #d1d1d1;
    --highlight: #41ead4;
    --card: #ffffff08;
    --icon-bg: #9e6e6e1a;
    --icon-bg-hover: #ffffff1c;
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and then add this Class to <body> tag in index.html.

Available default themes:

  • Dark theme

Dark theme

  • White theme

White theme

  • Blue theme

Blue theme

  • Green theme

Green theme

How to change themes

To change themes go to index.html file and change the class of body tag to the theme name like:

<body  class="green">
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<body  class="dark">
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Particle JS is also now integrated in a clone of this project 🤩 and it is looking really good:
Check it out live here: here
Github repo: here
Partile js integrated

If you have any feedback please add a Comment below and Contribute in this project.

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