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I am a fresher software developer, trying to get my feet wet in Machine Learning. People say that screening rounds are the most difficult and your resume speaks a lot about your personality and professional traits. Just wanted to check whether it is at par with the market standards or not?

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I think it looks good. The biggest critique I have is your education section. It's pretty uncommon for that to be in a table like that.

Other critiques:

  • You could improve the formatting of the job titles so it's at the same line of the job location/company.
  • Move your online presence to the bottom or under your name in a more creative way.
  • Improve word usage (verbs used in job descriptions).

The content is great.


plus 1 for job titles formatting. It looks messy.

Move all related information to the top. Is your education relevant to the position? I'm not sure because I don't understand abbreviations. I would move projects higher, because they seem more relevant (I'm not a data engineer though).


Thanks for the suggestion, will do that !

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