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Abanoub Hanna
Abanoub Hanna

Posted on

How To Improve OCR Accuracy?

I spend the past few days on developing Android app to recognize English text on images to let the user copy/share text easily. I published a testing release of the app on Google Play.

The UI is awful but I want to improve accuracy of the app first. I am thinking of two methods:

  1. improve tesseract traineddata file for better recognition of text.
  2. use a false recognition dictionary which replace a word like boxmg to boxing as the in is false detected as m.

Let me know if you have any further improvements and suggestions for this OCR app.


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tomavelev profile image

In my notes app I also used tesseract API, I made it do the OCR in run-time and also added the turn the flash on/off feature. Haven't touched the app 3-4 years. Аlso I saw that Google also offers OCR: but, of course, they try to lock us-devs into their cloud.

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