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Android App for All Web Developers

One day, I was out for a party and I was surfing the Internet on my smartphone. I came to a website that has a fancy looking UI and effect and I thought of it. I tried to create script in my head to accomplish the same effect then I coded it on a code editor online, BUT I FAILED. I was curious of the source of the page to help me figure it out and learn something new.

I tried to use view-source and I saw the source and it was beautiful how I figure it out easily. So I added to my checklist of capabilities an item called "view-source on Android".

After too many situation like this, I wrote some checklist features which I want on my smartphone as a web developer. Here is the checklist.

  • view webpage source
  • web code editor
  • sample colors
  • list of useful websites such as and
  • color picker tool
  • Code Snippets (HTML/CSS/JavaScript and PHP/HTML)
  • HTML Reference
  • CSS Reference
  • JavaScript Reference
  • PHP Reference

I feel the need to own all those features on my smartphone, so I created an opensource Android app which include some of those features and I will update it weekly until achieve the app in my imagination.

You can try the application on your Android smartphone from Google Play. And feel free to contribute in improving the app on Github.

Happy coding..

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