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Calculator Function using JavaScript πŸš€πŸš€

How to create calculator function in JavaScript??

Yes, Today we are making a JavaScript function which is return some mathematics output.

So, let's start with JavaScript code.

(1) Let's make a JavaScript
file and give any name
here I am giving index.js.
(Note:- We must need a
html file to run our JS
code in browser)

(2) Next step make a function
name calculator() in js
file. And pass three
parameter x, y and o.
Alt Text

(3) Parameters explanation :-
(a) x is a first number
(b) y is a second number
(c) o is a operator

(4) We are using switch
statement as shown in
following code.


(4) Let's understand above
code :-
(a) first pass o
parameter because it
will decide which
mathematics operation
will conduct. o is
String and x and y
(b) If any user call this
function by passing three
parameters like
calculator(2,3,'+') then
the first case is
(c) When anyone not enter
valid input the it will
return "enter valid

(5) Let's call the above
function and see output.

πŸ‘‰ Happy Coding...
πŸ™ Thank you for reading...

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