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Array.splice() method in JavaScript 🚀

Array.splice() method in JavaScript.

• What is splice method?
=> The splice array method removes array items and replace it if any items provided.

• Syntax of splice method
=> arrayName.splice(starting index of item to remove, number of items to remove, replace item)

The third parameter is optional in splice method.

=> Examples of splice method
example 1
=> Explanation :-
In the above example I created an array which name is arr and store some values [1,2,3,4,5].
Now I use splice method and I am passing two parameters, first parameter is 2 and second parameter is also 2.
The first parameter indicate that index number of array items and second parameter indicate that how many items to remove.
Then, I stored splice method in another variable name is splice_arr.
The output is [3,4].

=> Another example :-
Example 2

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Good explanation!