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Last Day - Engborg

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Collective of minds
Speak to one ear and all hear
We are single voice

Servant Leadership - First Day

A vision of technical excellence, autonomy, and service for the greater good

A student of principles; an imperfect practitioner

Self Organization

When inverting the pyramid of power, those near the top act irrational
Human decisions in sake of legal, growth, and strategic partnerships


"Bad for culture" is subjective to perspective

  • Never was a single commitment missed in over a year
  • Never was a command given for extra work
  • Long term performance trends do not lie
  • No one individual quit (or was left behind, until now)
  • Only order ever given was for one to slow down

Steward of Industry Trends

One time is a coincidence
Second time, a pattern?

Book Club #readingrainbow

OnShift Book Club

Free Agent

As of today I am a free agent
I have never had space between employers

It has been a crazy adventure taking the engineering department of a software first consultancy from day one zero revenue to a multi million dollar sustainable hard tech venture. I am grateful for the opportunity to make a thoughtful decision on the next big thing.


  • Is your time worth more than anyone else's?
  • Do you embody and promote a growth mindset?
  • Do you see (modern) agile leading a team to success?

I am a rebel by nature - there are no gray lines in these questions


  • Mastery, Freedom, and Honor are my motivations
  • Obfuscation hurts
  • I am crazy, not stupid
  • Don't do anything I wouldn't do, twice

Happy Cows

Happy Cows Produce More Milk
"A cow with a name produces more milk than one without..."

People work on the ground floor
When motivated, those individuals know how to the job better than anyone

Next Steps

  1. Spend a month tinkering
    don't tell tinker bell not to tinker

  2. I have ideas, I'll link a few here soon

  3. Find a company (my own?) worth waking up in the morning for

Cheers to all the unsung hero's of the world!


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