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Justin L Beall
Justin L Beall

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First Day at Skiplist

Have you ever thought about doing your own thing? An unspoken calling deep inside of you, yet a dark matter force holds you back? It's terrifying to follow, yet painful to ignore.

Two weeks ago, I ate the red pill.
Skiplist is my new reality.

Today was the first official day of my entrepreneurial journey. We discussed current books of business, expectations, and product ideas. Made some customer commitments. I met a new team of wonderful people. I need baseball cards.

We live in a day from which we stand on the shoulders of giants. The ability to craft thoughtful software is easier than any age before us. Managed services are stitched in such a way that the total cost of ownership for a modern product is geometrically cheaper than traditionally staffed operations.

Automation removes cost. We deliver EVERY measured commit to production, with extreme confidence, into zero downtime, dynamically scaling, ecosystems. It is our pet black swan. I wish you could see it!

We will not become brute force mercenaries, instead Skiplist positions itself to breed the next generation of coding ninjas. I have big ideas. I feel crazy. I think that is good. I nearly had a panic attack going to sleep a few nights ago.


Andrew Wolfe, the first of his kind, has been barreling through the darkness, on his own, for over a year now. He is a ruthless pure bred stallion. The only person I know who consumes knowledge at (or even above) my volume. He is part machine. Our very own, Kylo Ren. He is one with the source, the source is with him.

Approaching from an entirely different angle, our equal partner JT Tan, comes with a much deserved reputation as a product master. The man sees things differently, a deep-sea explorer that grafts features directly into a user's sense of existence. He is the missing link. He is the customer's voodoo compass. Our sniper rifle.

Finally, there is myself. I humbly walk this journey alongside legends. I aspire to become a thought leader in the agile communities. I walk the path of the technical craftsman. I want to build products that rival soul bearing katanas wielded by the ancient samurai of lore. I aspire to make people awesome. I want to share the secrets to software engineering.

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it... #Skiplist

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