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DEV3L on Formula X

Formula X - How to Reach Extreme Acceleration in Your Organization is a business novel based upon a simple acronym, FASTER. Jurriaan Kamer stresses that acceleration is the most important factor when trying to achieve speed. With acceleration, time will take care of the rest. Simple physics, force = mass * acceleration.


Flow > Efficiency

If everything seems under control,
you're not going fast enough

If you can't measure it,
it doesn't exist

Hub & spoke management consulting doesn't work

The less mass in your organization,
the easier you can accelerate

The narrator meets a Formula 1 team captain who - talks about shorten cycle time, intent-based leadership, and what appears to be a flavor scrum (continuous improvement)

Acceleration Questions - Yes / No

Decrease decision latency to increase acceleration

Are people safe to make mistakes?
No - Never fast

Are mistakes being learned from?
No - Build learning rhythm

Are people able to decide without permission?
No - Clarify decision rights

Speed more important than perfection?
No - Make decisions safe to try

If all YES - time will solve problems

Intrinsic Motivation

Individuals sourcing their own ideas for improvement enables commitment

Clear and shared goal - vision

Can't give responsibility,
Make sure people want to and can take responsibility

Customer Focus

A whole team approach,
combined with single piece flow

Pit stop for customer

Standardized options enable speed


Get better together by learning from doing

If in a hurry,
never get there


F - focus
A - accelerate decisions
S - simplify
T - team engagement
E - elementary physics
R - rhythmic learning

Reference Journal Events: Start, Finish

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