DEV3L on Dynamic Reteaming at Fast-Growing Companies

dev3l profile image Justin Beall ・1 min read

"It's about mastering the ability to change."

Why Dynamic Reteaming


Reteam To Share Expertise!

When an individual changes teams, he/she brings in new information and perspectives to the team!

This can be done by making so any team can work on anything!

  • Requires generalists
  • Collective ownership
  • Deliberately hand teams work from different areas
    • How do you handle the technical sprawl?
    • Stuartship
    • "With, not for" -> DevOps principle

Mentors - "The First Pair"

  • Team integration through pair programming
    • Use pair programming as a way to mentor
    • Use pair programming to share culture
    • To spread information
  • Switching/dynamic pairing

Change is renewing

  • Sometimes you need to DISTRUPT, your teams, people, organization
  • Liberate the prisoners

Reteaming Patterns


  • Mitosis Pattern
  • Isolation Reteaming Pattern
  • Have Reteaming Events - Renewal
  • Mitosis


  • People Will Leave
  • People Will Join


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