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Discussion on: #1 Reason Why You Don’t Improve As a Software Developer

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Justin Beall

Perfect practice makes perfect...

The Talent Code (book) talks about a concept called deep practice that aids in skills development. Deep practice is a form of deliberate practice that specifically focuses on toeing the comfort zone line.

Just as you are discussing learning outcomes and expectations in your video, I have found that improving the skill of learning greatly increase my ability to develop other skills.

I find simple practices, such as doing programming katas (fizzbuzz, bowling, game of Life, etc), reinforces good coding practices. I have come across 'senior' engineers in my career who scof at these simple problems... The point of these katas is not to solve a hard problem, but two Focus on the mundane that is often overlooked.

Syntax familiarity, writing loosely coupled tests, clean code, and refactoring without side effects should be as intuitive to a programmer as breathing is to all animals...