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re: Hey Dmitry, I saw your connection and did not consider your intention to spam as your profile history did not indicate as such as well you did wri...

No worries =) And just so it's clear, I'm not connecting with the intention of getting feedback on my profile. I know it's beyond bad. I've been neglecting it for way too long. I never treated LI as a valuable social network or a job market. Reading your post, though, made rethink that. I'm now trying to decide if putting any effort into making my profile better is worth it.

Principle Engineer + Scala + AWS and a recognized company such as Nokia. This explains the recruiter spam. You're a big ticket.

Scala and AWS alone are so in-demand you can neglect LinkedIn and get jobs without résumés just by proving your knowledge through demonstration and even conversation.

I was quite adverse to LinkedIn as I really hate social media but I went all in.

The way I see it is developers are being commoditized which will drive down larger salaries and so you'll have to keep jumping to new technologies and so I wanted to stop having to hop to feel secure in case I had to go back to the market and that's why I pivoted to education.

Though with your skill set you're going to stay in demand for another decade so you have the luxury of not-participating in the social platform.

I know a guy here in Toronto that retired at 30 because he was a high paid Scala developer getting paid $300K / per year. I think he now spends his time building and perfecting his own mini putt golf course in his backyard.

I see. I had no idea the AWS keyword in my description would be bringing so much spam/traffic to my profile. Unfortunately, there are no such salaries in Berlin, where I live at the moment.

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