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I do enjoy broccoli, so maybe not the greatest analogy for me. But my "broccoli" was physics programming while I worked in gamedev about a decade and a half ago. I really hated programming physics and I thought why the hell should I? There were so many other exciting areas, so I just stepped away and did graphics, shaders and visual effects programming. I was much happier because of that. So I chewed a bit and spit out my "broccoli".

I think the main difference here is that you're talking about a fundamental skill, like certain types of algorithms or techniques, and those are essential. I would rather eat those. For me that would be dynamic programming. I have yet to discover when that thing is going to be needed in my daily job, though. But if your broccoli something more of a domain, like webdev or ML, I think it's totally fine not to chew and just pick something else.

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