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Click bait. I'm pretty sure you could only make money in your sleep as a freelancer if you are hired by a sleep research lab. Otherwise it's hard work and you have to be awake for it. And pretty much everything else mentioned here.

And come on, Alibaba is not a website that could be created by a full stack developer, it's a business that is tough to build. The website is a small part of it. It's like saying that Google is that small webpage with a search box on it any junior dev can build.

And I especially disagree with your statement, that money is a key to happiness. Some amount of money is needed to survive, a bit more for comfort, but beyond that it's not changing much for you and your life. There are lots and lots of very rich people who are miserable, depressed and not happy with their life. As many poor people are too.


I didn't say that you don't need hard work to achieve your goals.

So you're telling me that without money you can be happy.
How will you be able to take care of your beloved ones then.

About your last part of the comment: how will you be able to achieve your dreams without money? Start Small, Dream Big, Get Rich, Achieve Your Dreams

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