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Alexey Lysenko
Alexey Lysenko

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ReactHooks/Redux prod ready eShopp

Hi everyone. I decided to publish project i working on, E-commerce demo for community.

I hope this helps anyone who decides to create such an application! And by the way, it will be glad to hear the some feedback.

Technologies used:

  • React with Hooks, Redux, Redux Thunk
  • React Bootstrap 4, SCSS
  • Lodash
  • .ENV, Google Map Reat, React Container Dimensions, React infinite scroller
  • Axios, Axios Mock Adapter, Faker


  • Home, Products, Product Details, Shopping Cart, Error pages + some inform pages
  • State management with Redux
  • Responsive design with Bootstrap 4 and custom styling using SCSS
  • Cart with increment, decrement and remove product abilities
  • Toast messages for adding/removing a product

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