Cover image for 3 minutes 21 seconds vs 10000 years - Google's Quantum Supremacy Claim πŸ”₯ πŸ’₯πŸ‘‡

3 minutes 21 seconds vs 10000 years - Google's Quantum Supremacy Claim πŸ”₯ πŸ’₯πŸ‘‡

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Google has revealed one video where they showed they have the power of Quantum Computer and claimed Quantum Supremacy.

They showed in that video they can do the processing in 3 minutes 21 seconds which needs 10000 ( ten thousands years ) for one of the Fastest Super Computers.

If this is possible, the privacy of the current world wide web can be heavily in question.❗️❓❗️

So, what do you think about it?

Please write your views here πŸ” πŸ” πŸ”


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Awsome video presentation that looks more like motivating people to satrt beeing interested by this new technology, so, know that a quantum can be both 0 and 1 at the same time it's time to dig and see what to code with it and what are the limits as it's like if there is no limits


Time to wait and see what they do. Microsoft also has been researching on Quantum computing. Let's see


Thanks for the share!

I find interesting that in the same video, Google explains that quantum computers don't do the same thing than classical computers but at the same time that they are better at doing the same thing? Does anyone smell bullshit?


They said that they fundamentally different, they are talking about bit and qubit


Yes, and as they say it can represent 1, 0 and 1/0 at the same time!

It's also that quantum algorithms are a fucking mess. If you find how to add something with a quantum computer you'll publish a paper and the algorithm will bear your name.

The operations you can do with a quantum computer have NOTHING to see with what a classical computer can do.


Thanks for your comment!
Yes, quantum computers can do better. And that's awesome.
But will it be safe for current WWW security?


Short story: yes there is a ton of post-quantum crypto out there no worries about that.

Also short story: NSA recommends none of them (to my memory), as if they had a quantum computer at hands already in use πŸ™ˆ

For current password system, most of the products support minimum 8 characters.
For normal computer, it's hard to guess the probability but Quantum computer can match the probability within few minutes.
How the current software credentials will protect that?

So far quantum computers have been discovered to be able to factor numbers super-quickly but this involves a very complicated algorithm based on Fourier's transforms side effects.

Suppose that someone builds a rocket that goes to the moon. The purpose of that rocket is to go into outer space. It will generate an incredible amount of thrust and flames and will do things that no other device can do.

Then suppose that you invent a way to harness that unleashed power through a metal that is molten by the gigantic flame and then cooled using a complicated system in order to power and BBQ for a few hours and grill sausages.

That's what it's like to create a quantum algorithm. In that example the Moon rocket is the quantum computer and grilling sausages is factoring primes.

Now also in that example the goal of the Moon rocket is clearly defined while the goal of the quantum computer is completely unknown.

There is also another aspect to consider: quantum computers might have 2n superposed states but this happens in a single register. That is really awkward to think about.

Now I don't pretend to be a quantum expert but trying out to use it clearly showed me that it's very complicated to reason with and that I don't understand jack about existing algorithms, even though I have a bachelor in mathematics and it should make sense to me.

Basically, we're mostly safe and things will continue as they go today. We'll discover a way to reduce the complexity of algorithms one by one and bit by bit. There won't be a global crash of crypto. Hacking a hashing algorithm is complicated enough, if you throw a quantum computer into the mix that's going to take some time to bake. If the quantum computer can even help at all.

As I am not also Quantum Computing expert, my goal for this Post was to get some thoughts from DEV community.

Thanks for your comment. I hope, few more people would share their views!