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First Post-Grad Application: Watch Next

Desiree Lerma
Software Engineer. Learning something new everyday!
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So this week, or weekend, I decided to begin creating my first post-bootcamp-grad application! YAY!

As a lover of movies and television shows, I often find myself adding new items to my watchlist across different streaming services. My lists have become so long that I don't think I'll ever watch them all. I hate having multiple lists across the different services so I figured, why not create an application where you can compile your multiple watchlists into one?! Well, that's exactly what I plan to do.

Spongebob Long List

The last phase of my bootcamp taught me the basics of React and Redux. I am going to be very honest, learning it was PRETTY difficult for me. I would usually learn the most during our project week because I am implementing every piece I was taught during lectures into my own application. However, since I had a bit of a harder time cementing my knowledge of it my project was quite basic. So, this time around, I want to reinforce the basics, but also take it a step further and teach myself a couple of new things.

Homer Thinking

I am the type of person who has to put my pen to paper when doing any sort of planning. I whipped out my handy dandy notebook and sketched out some quick ideas. Before I got too big for my britches, I decided to move forward and create my React app. At the bare minimum I will have the following components: User, Watchlist, Movies, Movie, Navigation Bar and Home. The API I discovered, The Movie Database API, has an ABUNDANT amount of information to utilize so I am sure I will have more components join the party later on.

The basics that I am beginning with will involve a homepage that will contain the movies component which will iterate through and display the available movies from the API. I will also implement a user profile page which will contain basic user information and the user's created watchlist. On this watchlist, users will be able to dropdown on a specific movie or tv show to gain further information on it (i.e. genre(s), overview, popularity, status and vote average).

Once again, I am just kicking off this application of mine so be on the lookout for further updates as my application grows overtime. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to reach out to me.

Stay Tuned!

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